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Please note: If you are looking for a cheesy DJ or one that will teach dances to your guests, I may not be the DJ for you. I apologize for being so blunt, but I base my business off of being very up-front about who I am and what services I offer. Sorry. 🙂


I don't teach line dances nor drag guests onto the floor. I have a style which uses MUSIC to achieve desired outcomes. (Get people dancing, keep guests excited, evoke emotion, etc.)

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As part of my quality-based service, I will be there for you from the first reply until the last minute of your event.

About Dennis


I pride myself on great vocal delivery; non-cheesy emceeing and DJing; and ability to read a dancefloor. I consistently exceed my clients’ expectations, as you’ll easily see after watching me in action!

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Take a look at some samples of the lighting, music, and experience you can have at your next event when you choose The Creative Music DJ. To see more videos showcasing events and services I provide, check out my Youtube Channel.

Verify that I am non-cheesy at weddings!

Watch me work together with celebrities!

Watch me mix hip-hop, country, and pop

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Enjoy music from a 100% Latin party

Watch clips from a Marine Corps ball

Watch a live EDM+Persian music set.

See clips from an LGBT (same-sex) wedding

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Demo Mixes

There’s actual style to my mixes. I’ve got years of experience where I learned what goes well together to keep everyone in that dancing mood! To hear more demos and mixes, click here to visit my Mixcloud Page.

About DJ Dennis J

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Dennis Jones, aka “DJDennisJ, The Creative Music DJ”.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. If you do not mind, I would love the same opportunity to learn about you! Please contact me now and let us get to know each other!

I have been entertaining crowds since 1987 and persistently honing my skills since I started! Check out the video on the right if you want to see “Young Dennis” DJing a party in 1989. Yes, 1989. And yes, that’s a 7″ record. We all had to start somewhere!
I have held the title of President of the local American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) since 2012. Whether I’m Djing a wedding, corporate party, private or public event, I will always deliver my signature sound of club-style mixing. This dedication to the my craft has helped to position me on the forefront of event industry professionals who dare to stretch the boundaries outside of the ‘typical reception’. From live first dance remixes to customized professional lighting, I have been the choice for clients that range from those that just want to make sure their DJ can smoothly handle their event and play great music, to those that want to incorporate ‘out of the box’ ideas and need someone with the creativity, consultation knowledge, and skill to pull it off successfully.

Combining the talent of a scratch weddings DJ with the microphone finesse of a television emcee, I can exhibit elegance in one moment, and then be pulling off scratch-outs and wordplay in the next.

Most events I perform at are once-in-a-lifetime events, which is why it is so important that I do business the right way. Whether it is the union of a blissful couple or a birthday party for an excited teen, I understand how emotional it is for the guest(s) of honor, and I take steps to make sure these emotions remain positive!

In addition to microphone and turntable skills, I have formal education as well! In the early 90’s I took time off from DJing to pursue a formal education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and an MBA with an emphasis in Project Management. I am also involved with numerous industry groups. Along with my current position as President of the San Diego chapter of the ADJA, I am also a member of the San Diego Disc Jockey Association and Assistant Organizer of the San Diego Wedding Professionals meetup group.
I like to think that I am continuously raising the bar for DJs in the private event industry. My clients have the highest expectations of me, and I have earned my reputation by exceeding those expectations and always delivering on my promises.

I maintain healthy relations with fellow event vendors, hold monthly get-togethers with Djs just to enjoy watching each other ‘spin’, and purchase the best equipment so that I can provide the highest-quality services to my clients. I’m proud to have a reputation that leaves me highly respected by the local private event industry, yet also earning respect from club DJs because of my popular online mixes, vast knowledge of music, and ability to ‘hang on their level’ when it comes to turntable platter control.

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