Chula Vista Golf Club – Latin Music DJ

Client: TJ Oyster Bar (Alicia Diaz)
Venue: Chula Vista Golf Club (Rebecca Del Toro)
DJ: Dennis Jones, The Creative Music DJ

Chula Vista Golf Club DJ

Earlier in 2014, I DJ’d a wedding for Alicia’s friends, Thea and Teresa. Alicia was at their wedding and took my card. As the owner of TJ Oyster Bar, she contacted me about DJing her company holiday party. She wanted a DJ that could handle a dance floor consisting of Latin guests. I was happy to help.

Chula Vista Golf Club Reception


After showing Alicia some ideas of lighting, she decided to splurge a bit and really make her party festive. She got my uplighting, starry night, and corporate logo projection add-ons.

Since TJ Oyster Bar’s corporate colors are teal and gold, I designed a dual-colored uplighting scheme. And since it was all computer-controlled, I set it to alternate colors every few minutes during cocktail and dinner. It was a cool effect. I created an animated gif to show you how it looked, sped up a bit. Keep in mind that the colors only alternated every 5 minutes or so, but I doubt anyone wants to watch an animated gif for 5 minutes to see the alternation, so I made it every 1 second here.

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